Welcome to the Acadia Paleoenvironmental Research Group webpage!


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My primary research focus is investigating long term and short term environmental change in lakes and open water wetland systems. I have active research programs in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Newfoundland focussed primarily on the application of abiotic proxies in reconstructing environmental change in mesotrophic and eutrophic lakes.  I am particularly interested in the vulnerability of aquatic habitat to short term climate and environmental change. I also am involved in research projects investigating mass wasting in Atlantic Canada, Holocene glacial fluctuations in western Canada and the Bloody Creek Impact feature near Bridgetown, Nova Scotia.


Prospective Students: Please feel free to contact me at the address below if any of these topics interest you!


Dr. Ian Spooner, Earth and Environmental Science, 335 Huggins Science Hall, Acadia University Wolfville, NS. B4P 2R6 Canada

ian.spooner@acadiau.ca  902.585.1312